Homemade and Fantasy Card Maker

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Re: Homemade and Fantasy Card Maker

Thought I'd bump this and ask if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this feature. It was mentioned that adding logos and having options for multiple text entries would be nice...both great ideas.

Also, if anyone has any templates to contribute, save them in png or gif form and put them in the contribution link on the left. Credit will be given where requested.

Posted by TwinsCards.com Staff on 2009-04-19 |

Homemade and Fantasy Card Maker

A collector from this site asked me recently for some help with some fantasy cards. I figured that this might be a function that others may use, so I built it to be a new feature on the site...it will allow you to make your own fantasy cards from a list of templates. The templates will soon be filtered by team, and fonts will be broken down into smaller chunks. For now, create some cards, save them to your computer, and post them in this forum. I'll be adding more templates asap.

I'll post the link here for some beta testing.
The page is http://baseballcarddatabase.com/images/ ... images.php

Again, team filtering and including this as a databased area on the site are on the back burner. You'll soon be able to rotate your text, add unlimited text, and (web willing) be able to draw moustaches on your cards.

Posted by TwinsCards.com Staff on 2009-04-16 |