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Re: Check out What's New...Awesome stuff

Great to hear it Blake. I bet you're excited to be back in the UK and Western civilization. This little monster you've created in a website continues to spawn. Can't wait to hear your ideas on future developments.

Posted by Staff on 2009-08-26 |

Re: Check out What's New...Awesome stuff

Hi Blake
Stay safe. I voted for your band.


Posted by twinsfan on 2009-08-26 |

Check out What's New...Awesome stuff

If you don't check on a daily basis, you are missing some great stuff. Lots of people loading stuff but users sudsyvb and heattreat have been loading a lot of cool stuff..and not just in cards....check out pubs and memorabilia too.

Thanks to everyone who contributes. Can't wait to get back to my collection so I can start loading again. A year away is too long. The first set I'm going to work on is the TSN Conlon Collection. If I remember right, it's a 1200 card set broken down into 2 or 3 years. Think I have most in the collection but have to go back and check. Also want to start filling in the gaps on the 1974-1980 Topps.

Still lots of improvements to come and some ideas I have floating around that I'll have to run by jobiwan to get implemented.

2 weeks left in Korea and then back to the UK for 3 years.


Posted by TwinsCards on 2009-08-26 |