Washing windows is a perennial challenge for the household, particularly outside the windows of the upper story. Here are the tips gathered straight from the professionals on the methods and products to help make your window washing project smoother and a lot faster.

First off, you’ll need different tools. You’ll need a bucket, soft sponge, scraper, stepladder, and the cleaning solution of your choice. You’ll also need drying materials such as paper towels, a lint-free cloth, or some crumpled newspapers.

Recommended Window Washing Products

When cleaning windows, use organic cleaning products instead of ammonia, which can be bought in large boxes either from a store near you or online. Such products are not just environmentally friendly. They also come in a variety of solutions, and they are gentler on the skin than ammonia. When making your own green DIY cleaning product, mix a quarter cup of white vinegar with one gallon of water to wash your windows.

With regard to drying materials, you may use the cheapest paper towels because they are generally lint-free. The use of crumpled newspapers also works well, and use it is a great way to repurpose a material that would otherwise be thrown away.

How to Clean Regular Glass Windows

Getting the window washing process underway depends on how dirty the windows are. You may want to start by putting down some cloths or tissues to avoid damage to your floors. Then, wipe the window frame and sill. A scraper should be used to remove oil, bird droppings, and paint once the window frame and sill have been cleaned.

Most people wash their windows after improving their homes. If so, then a razor scraper is the best tool for removing glass paint. You’ll never want to use steel wool for this kind of clean-up. Scrub the glass panel using a cleaning solution and a soft sponge. Use a squeegee to dry it. Other materials will work as well. When using a squeegee, start on a partially dry area, then overlap the strokes. To keep any drips clean, wipe the blade regularly.

How to Clean Tilt-in Windows

Most tilt-in windows are easy to clean. However, you might need the help of another person to keep the glass from breaking while you clean. Try to wash the window from outside, using extension poles. Put extra attention to acid rain and hard water stains.

Depending on where you live, you may experience the effects of acid rain or hard water deposits or garden sprinkler spray that reaches the door. Hard water deposits are always a clean-up challenge, as they often appear as a white powdery substance. Some cleaning products are specially designed to treat mineral and hard water deposits. But sometimes, using more elbow grease gets the job done.

Acid rain can break windowpanes and sometimes cause etching. If it’s an older frame, take extra care when cleaning as heavy etching causes the glass to break easily. If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to hire the experts in window washing Las Vegas. They’ll be more than willing to show you how things are done right.