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Clark-Addison Cubs Fan Blog

Views from a Die-Hard fan of the Chicago Cubs - from

Movie Night at Wrigley Field
“Groupon Presents… Movie Night at Wrigley Field” on Saturday, October 1, 2011 (October 2, in the event of inclement weather). Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the evening’s movie, Ferris...

Casper Ghosts

Ghosts lose season finale
Jose Rivera hit his first home run, but the Casper Ghosts closed the 2011 season with a 9-4 loss to the Ogden Raptors at Mike Lansing Field.

The Pessmist Card Collector

World's Ugliest Cards: 2011 Bowman Grady Sizemore
From time-to-time I come across cards that are historically ugly, here are some of the worst. Today I bring you 2011 Bowman Grady Sizemore, one of the most talented and smooth players to grace the diamond...

Canadian Cardboard

The Rollie Bobble That Didn't Bobble
I mentioned in an earlier post that I had met an artist in a local mall who was doing custom figures of famous celebrities. I asked him if he could do couple of ballplayers for me, and even though...


Here's a new contest
I know I don't post here like I used to.A lot of things have hampered me in collecting, mostly a lack of money to buy cards and I haven't been able to get to a few shows because of a lack of transportation,...

38 Pitches

Curt Schilling's Official Blog

Why writers write, coaches coach, and players play.
Someone forwarded me a piece in the Washington Post about comments I made regarding Stephen Strasburg and his rehab, last week on ESPN. I wasn’t sure of the angle the writer was after until the next...

The Etopps In-Hand Marketwatch

Friday Marketwatch - August 5
Next week there will be no Friday Marketwatch, but the following Friday (8/19) will cover the previous 2 weeks.As of August 5th, the following are stats covering the last 7 days on ebay for etopps in-hands:Highest...

The Priceless Pursuit

Shlabotnik demoted
Courtesy of Grandpa Joe

Hot Prospects

In Depth Analysis of Minor League Baseball Prospects, Draft Picks, and Rookies Specially Formulated for Baseball Card & Memorabilia Collectors, Fantasy Baseball Managers, and MLB Fans.

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Dmitri Young Returns to Baseball and Jason Koonce of ISA
Dmitri Young announces his intention to return to MLB and President of ISA Grading joins host Rob Bertrand and Doug Cataldo to discuss a very special grading promotion the company is running through the...

Buckeye State's Trading Pot

Switching Teams
Last week, I picked up this Chad Johnson dual jersey complete with bengal stripe numbered outta 15 on Ebay. When I purchased it, Chad was a Bengal. Now that it has arrived, Chad is a Patriot. I mentioned...

Piratas de Campeche

Finalizo el minicampamento de Piratas en Sinaloa‏
Finalizo el minicampamento de Piratas en Sinaloa‏


Hobby Kings x Hupe Royalty
As of today, I’m going to be writing for the Hobby Kings Blog, too. I have no clue what I’ll write about on there.  Maybe I’ll write stories on my experiences of being a Warriors...

Cardboard Overload

2011 Allen & Ginter Available For Trade!
Other than what I have up on ebay right now, here is what I have for trade from A&G…as these cards get claimed I will be updated my list in the “Available For Trade” list at the...

The Call of Cardboard

Got a mailer in the mail today, with my Bowman Platinum redemption in it. Sort of. Instead, a 2010 Topps Chrome Chris Heisey auto slid out, with a little note telling me the Maurico Robles bonus refractor...

1207 Consecutive Games

Can You Name The 1980's Dodgers and Yankees?
I created a couple more quizzes on Sporcle.Can you name the 1980's Los Angeles Dodgers?Can you name the 1980's New York Yankees? Someone else created the quiz below (which I used as a model for the...

Torii's Storiis

Torii Hunter's Blog

Turning it around
For me, personally, this has probably been the worst first half of my career. It’s a combination of things. Every time I’ve started to feel good, something has happened, little setbacks. As...

Roar From 34

Visit the new Roar from 34
Be sure to visit for all the latest content. In addition to regular blog entries, the new website neatly categorizes Flashback Fridays and the Eutaw Street Chronicles on the front page for...

Chewing liquorice

Thoughts on the Vancouver Canucks and the riot.
I was hoping to write a post about how great it was that my hometown team had finally won a Cup 40 years after coming into existence. Seeing as I'm about the same age as the team, it would have been nice.I've...

Big Sexy Cards

Harold Baines

I Don't Know...3rd Base!

Happy Memorial Day and a Little Gypsy Queen!
Good Morning All...I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day. We cannot forget to remember and honor those who gave up their lives for our freedom. Thank you to them and their families.When...

Trammell to Whitaker

Random Trivia
I just recently purchased a new 57 card of Al Aber.  While reading the back of the card I noticed the trivia question.Now, this "fact" needs some explaining as to the circumstances surrounding the...

MidWest Cardboard

Trade Bait
Hey to all of you that survived the rapture! So here is the follow-up post I talked about earlier this week. It's going to be nothing but trade bait pictures. (Click on each set to see them full sized.)...

NY Sports Dog

For the diehard Mets fan!

VIDEO: Reyes Clearly Safe
Jose had every right to go ballistic. Thankfully our man Murph balanced the books and the Mets went on to win in fine fashion. NY Sports Dog--a Place for Mets Fans

Minnesota Twins Most Valuable Blogger

Thoughts on Liriano No No

Those Twins Girls

You tell 'em Grams.
My Grandma called me this afternoon to ask me why the Twins are so bad."I see how bad they are, and I think about how hard it must be for you to watch!""Nah. It's not that hard to watch. I mean, it's embarrassing...

Pronk Needs You!

Pronk's Missing Mojo and Other Cleveland Sports Conundrums

To Commemorate a Special Day

Jets Daily: New York Jets Football Blog

A blog about the New York Jets. Need news, notes, and opinions on the Jets? Look no further than, where Mackenzie Kraemer (aka Jetfanmack on various message boards, primarily provides his daily take.

New York Jets draft review
The 2011 draft was one of the strangest in its long history. With the lockout off, then back on again during the three days, it's unsure whether or not this is the last football transactions we will see...

Sports Locker

Sports Memorabilia Collecting - Hobby News - Sports World Rants

What Can You Do With $1,000? Buy Some Mets Cards!
Twenty-six years of Mets team sets could cost you just under $1,000.I found this eBay auction this week that is selling every Mets team set card from 1962 - 1988. The auction appears to include the Seaver...

Offy's Sports Site

Sports Syzygy
I'm not exactly sure how it is happening, but I'm still getting 9 visitors a day here without posting any new content. Want to read some new content? Head on over to Sports Syzygy for new stuff.

We're Talkin Homer, Blue Jays And MLB

Roy Halladay is staying for now! The Jays have to win! We will just leave it at that. I'll also a design a baseball card for your blog, if you wish?

MLB Season Preview: With a Blue Jay/A.L. East Bias
Picking the Jays (in the A.L. East)Call me crazy but I am picking the Toronto Blue Jays to win the A.L. East this year.  Seriously!  I know what you might be thinking?  And I'm not one of...

The Ghost Of Moonlight Graham

Always Staring Down The Pitcher

Why Would The Red Sox Trade Mike Cameron?
I was reading the Boston Globe on Wednesday and saw the Nick Cafardo mention that the Boston Red Sox don’t expect to trade OF Mike Cameron this spring. My question is; Why would they? Unless the...

gratzi's collection

My Collection Stats
I was checking out my Personal Collection after my last mailday and started noticing different numbers and stats of what I own and I thought it would make for an interesting blog topic. As of right now,...

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It’s with a bit of sadness that we announce we’re taking a break here at OMGreds. No, no, not an April Fools prank this time around, we’re being quite honest. With all the excitement...

The Beckett Blog

The latest news on sports cards & memorabilia

Looking for the latest headlines? Visit
Looking for the latest headlines right here? Be sure to update your bookmarks and head on over to -- our new home on the new-look

Red Sox Hen

Truck Day is Here!!
Not a big deal you say, Well then you don't live in Boston! Truck Day is the Start of The Baseball Season, it also means Spring is just around the corner! It's not like we don't like winter in New...

Wronged Man Out

Now that Mark is getting close to Spring Training, he's been throwing bullpens 2x a week and going to the gym 2x a day... I've been going with him at night but I'm going to start going in the morning with...

Cards In The Attic

... and bats in the belfry

flat screenings: diminished capacity (2008)
Can you think of a better way to celebrate Ernie Banks’ 80th birthday than to watch a quirky indie film that features him playing himself signing autographs at a baseball card show in the Windy City?...

Pulling A Blyleven

A Twins Baseball blog, written by two guys who don't even live in Minnesota and probably don't know a damn thing and why are you listening to them? But you know what? It's not like YOU have a blog! ...Oh. You do. Well then.

A Thing I Made
I found this in my photos doing some computer cleaning. This is an original 'Shop (this is slang for Photoshop, not Stop and Shop, Shop Til You Drop, or Kelly Shoppach). I present: Mauer throwing a Hadoken...

Statistician Magician

Give the BBWAA a break when it comes to steroids.
Statistics in baseball are great.  They give us a number, or multiple numbers that allow us to evaluate a players talent, without having to watch him play every day.  This is very convenient,...

Junior's Baseball Beat

Alomar & Blyleven- HOF Class '11
It's official, the writers have decided that Roberto Alomar & Bert Blyleven are going to be inducted into Cooperstown this summer. I must admit, that I am pretty disappointed in the choices this year....

The BILF Report

What's a BILF? Think of the term MILF. Replace the M with a B--the B standing for "Ballplayer", of course. ;) This is primarily a Phillies blog, but since BILFiness knows very few team-related boundaries, expect plenty of banter about other hottie-laden teams (the Twins, Rangers, Yankees, and more!). The BILF Report is your snarky, tongue-in-cheek source for baseball facts and baseball fluff.

Merry Cliffmas!
Happy Halladays, Merry Cliffmas, and Roy to the World to Phillies phans everywhere and to all the BILF Reporter's readers!  I hope you find 35 pieces of Cole in your stocking on Christmas morning,...

wait 'til next year

How to Impress a Lady
Dealing Blackjack the other night the discussion at the table centered around drinking, vacations, couples, dating, marriage, divorce and the rules of the road surrounding each.  Being newly single...


All Nationals and Expos Cards All the Time

I Was a Teenage Prospector: Andy Benes
Topps’ 1989 cards introduced me to the Draft Pick system. I was absolutely mesmerized when I pulled cards like this. I seem to remember Jim Abbott, Steve Avery, Monty Farriss, Bill Bene, Robin Ventura,...

Wax Pack Time Machine

A Fine Way to Spend New Year’s Eve: WJC 2010
Friends with extra tickets are the best.  On December 31st, 2010, I will be crossing the border into western New York to attend my first WJC tournament ever.  I grew up watching Team Canada win...

Astros Baseball Cards

A blog to show off my signed Astros cards and to help with my team sets project

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Kevin Bass
Kevin Bass was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2nd round of the 1977 amateur draft on June 7, 1977. By September 3, 1982 the Milwaukee Brewers sent players to be named later, Kevin Bass, Frank...

Center Of The Sports Universe

A Site Dedicated to Baseball and All Sports

New Blog
No more COTSU.  I am now over at Figure Filbert and have a few posts already up. Check em out!

Nr Mt

Better Late Than Never for Me to Join in on this Year's Ginter Action
I realize I totally missed the boat when it comes to posting 2010 Ginter stuff, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to post some sweet Ginter MinisI decided that I am going to collect the mini insert...

Kevin Slowey's (offseason) Blog

Official MLBlog of Minnesota Twins pitcher Kevin Slowey

offseason things..
im not particularly sure how it started, but it seems that every offseason i end up writing an entry about things i aware this list is really only pertinent to me, but perhaps, it could be a list of...

Sports Jambalaya

CCR #8 Power Rankings by Martyn
Hi all,firstly don't ask me for power rankings on college basketball, To be honest I'am not a fan of Basketball, however I do catch a lot of news while I'am checking the NHL & NFL news & scores...

Major League Bastian

Crossing the border with Blue Jays beat reporter Jordan Bastian.

Passing the torch
Before I leave this blog to forever disappear into the internet wasteland, the time has come to introduce you to your new Blue Jays reporter. Please give a warm welcome to Gregor Chisholm, who... is not affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) or the MLB Baseball Club. Images and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and copyright of their respective manufacturers. They are presented here for entertainment and informational purposes only.