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Green and Gold

A blog about baseball cards of the Athletics and baseball cards in general.

The Gold cards are great!
This year I won't buy a Topps series 1 box. A few packs maybe if I visit a Wall mart or something. The inserts this years are very nice however. So I picked up some Golden cards of some great players on...

The Mets Report

New York Mets News, Opinions, and Hope for a World Series Victory

Report: Mets May be Nearing Bankruptcy
A new article in the Forbes SportMoney blog this morning raises some serious questions about whether the Mets are headed into bankruptcy… Soon. The focus of the article is on Steve Cohen, the Stamford,...

The Detroit Tiger Weblog

News, views, and analysis on the Detroit Tigers and baseball

Thursday Links and an Open Spring Training Thread
- Your ML best 5-0 Tigers rolled to another win yesterday.  Andy Oliver pitched 3 shutout innings, walking 3 and striking out 3, and Miggy hit is first bomb of the spring to go along with a slick play...

First Ballot

1986 Sportflics & Steve Carlton: Briefing for a Descent into Hell.
In Ball Four, Jim Bouton wrote, “You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time."This observation made in 1970 was...

Twins Geek

He's a Twins fan. He's a geek. It's kinda sad, really.

This Blog Has Moved
You can now find it at,JohnHe's a Twins fan. He's a geek. It's kinda sad, really. More at

Attic Insulation

I should not have gone
Around Northeast Ohio we have a group of collectors/sellers who partake in card shows at least 3 times a week. Locations are dotted around the East and West sides. I've been to two of them and each time...

Deep Left Field | A Cleveland Indians Blog

Weekly Wroundtable: How Should Indians’ 2012 Lineup Look?

Hobbs' Knights

Trade Post
This won't be a typical trade post. My scanner is down, so I wont be able to share all the cards I have recently received in trades. Like many collectors, I have cut back on my spending recently and...

SkinsTalk: Washington Redskins Football Blog

Is LaRon Landry Too Big?
Is LaRon Landry too big?  I couldn't believe it when I saw these pictures on Redskins Talk.  The guy looks more like a body builder than a football player.  He only played 8 games last year...

Long Fly Ball to Because.......

Mail Day (aka Forgotten Spoils of The NPN)
Today @UpperDeckSports surprised me by hiding out in my mailbox. I came home from work to find a brown padded envelope. The stamped return address on the envelope threw me off for a second because I have...

A baseball blog for Los Angeles Dodger fans everywhere!

Checking in on the Departed 2011 Dodgers: From Barajas, Blake and Brox to Carroll, Kuo and Kuroda
On the eve of Spring Training for the Dodgers. I thought it would be fun to check in on some of the 2011 Dodger players that departed Chavez Ravine for (hopefully) greener pastures in 2012. ...

Nick's Twins Blog

Regular analysis of the Minnesota Twins from bloggers Nick Mosvick and Nick Nelson.

Goodbye and Hello
March 3rd will mark the seven-year anniversary of the inaugural post on this blog, back when Nick Mosvick got things off the ground with a Spring Training Preview that detailed the outlook for players...

Reds and more...

I'm Back...
For at least one post. Hopefully more in the future, It's been a year since my last. The reason for this post is one card. I finally obtained the 2008 Andre Woodson Topps Superfractor 1/1. It's the second...

Fantasy Baseball Blog At

Fantasy Baseball Advice

2012 Dodgers Fantasy Baseball Preview
We at Razzball realize that exporting our views across the country has damaging consequences on the blogosphere. To help make amends, we are reaching out to leading team blogs and featuring their locally...


Sports News - Tech Reviews - Entertainment - Life Tips for EveryJoe

Jeremy Lin Finally Loses
The Linning streak had to end one day. Friday night ended up being that day. Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks lost at home against the New Orleans Hornets by a final score of 89-85. The Knicks had won...

Fantasy Baseball Dugout

FREE Fantasy Baseball Advice, News And Analysis.

Does BABIP Steal Our Common Sense?
Editor’s Note: This in-depth, highly analytical guest blog post was composed by Fantasy Baseball Dugout contributor Michael Caron. FBD is regularly accepting articles and content contributions from...

This Blog Is Full Of Crap

Sturgeon's Law says that 90% of everything is crap, but why settle for just 90%?

The Devil can quote scripture to suit his own purposes, but not after Disney released their Bible movie. “You can’t copyright the Bible!” howled The Devil. “You’re quoting...

1977 Expos

Dedicated to the 1977 Expos team collectibles and players.

GAME 7 - Expos 4, Phillies 3
GAME 7 - Stade Olympique'Wayne Twitchell vs Steve RogersExpos 4, Phillies 3Phillie manager Brandon Hayes described the game in one sentence, "I left Twitchell in 1 batter too long and that was the game...

My Box of Old Cards

All Time Hit Leader - 1973 Topps # 471
   Tyrus Raymond "Ty" Cobb (December 18, 1886 – July 17, 1961), was an American Major League Baseball outfielder. He was born in Narrows, Georgia. Cobb spent 22 seasons with the Detroit...

Trail Blazers Center Court

LaMarcus Aldridge Takes Steps To Return
Seeing LaMarcus Aldridge limp off the court Tuesday night might be the only event that took place in the Rose Garden this week that was more painful to watch than Portland's 11-point fourth quarter in...

1988 Score

Enjoy your visit and please don't step on anything.

Farewell Kid
Nearly three years ago, in my quest at completing the 1987 Topps set, I received the above card in a trade package.Today, reports that Mr. Carter has lost his battle with cancer. My thoughts are...

Pitchers & Poets

both have their moments

P&P Conversation: Location, Dislocation, and A.J. Burnett
Ted: Well, Eric, we are in the dregs of the offseason, after all of the big free agents have signed with their new teams, but before Spring Training begins in earnest. It’s the time of year when,...

Brahsome - Care To Get Nice?

Tulips Are the New Roses
Tulips are the new roses, you guys. Yeah, we said it: Roses are bunk. (Well, now we said it.) Why are we saying this? Well, mainly because roses have become a staple for the American male consumer on Valentine’s...

Camden Crazies

The happenings of the Baltimore Orioles.

The State of the Orioles With Spring Training Coming
Blogging's been pretty light recently because, well, "pitchers and catchers soon to report" hasn't brought with it the usual sense of excitement. The Orioles will obviously not be very good this year -...

The Dish

Eight of the International League’s most successful managers from a year ago have returned for the 2012 season, to be joined by a group of six newly hired skippers that includes two managers making...

Way Off Base

It's been a long time coming...'s been quite a while since I've made a post on here. And for those of you still following my blog, I appreciate you not dumping me.A lot of things have happened since my last post this past July....


Player Scouting, Baseball Mechanics, and Sabermetrics Combined Into One

Los Angeles Dodgers Top-15 Prospects of 2012
While there are a good number of solid prospects in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, the problems with ownership has significantly impacted the level of depth in the organization's farm system...

Boston Soul

On all things Boston. Especially our Red Sox.

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Truck Day
You know that spring is just around the corner when Truck Day has come and gone.  Truck Day was yesterday, so that must mean we don’t have much longer to go.  It’s been a long, cold...

NY Giant Nation: New York Giants Football Blog

What to look forward to in the offseason and Post-Superbowl Reaction
They completed the dream. They lived up to the motto "All In" and won the entire thing. The emergence of two guys really helped a lot. Victor Cruz went from zero to hero in a seasons time when he set the...

Collector from across the pond

This blog is dead!!!
This blog is over.Come check out my new blog here.

Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff

2013 Topps Classic sell sheet (sounds amazing!)
Topps Classic Set! Classic stock like Heritage, but with an original design like Lineage. 6 Series, 180 cards per series. Each Series will be released approximately every 8 weeks during a year.Most...

Rants, reviews and fandom

Astros CAREavan Stops By
If you're an Astros fan you know that February means two things; spring training starts in a few weeks and the Astros will be driving around Texas and Oklahoma interacting with fans in different cities....

the middle child

Your browser does not support iframes. Now if he only had teammates! The powers that be in the Colorado Rockies organization have traded, swaped, or gave away most of the team. I know, I know, this... [[...

Launch date targeted for March 1
Previously I discussed why the formal launch of the website was delayed. Today I'd like to say that we are fairly confident in getting the site launched by the end of the month, in time for Phillies spring...

Inside The White Sox

Thoughts, comments and observations about the Chicago White Sox from Scott Reifert, the club's vice president of communications. @InsideTheSox Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter

Hahn on the White Sox Farm System
Monday, February 06, 2012 Several fans at SoxFest 2012 asked the panel of Rick Hahn, Buddy Bell and Doug Laumann about the perception that, according to some publications and their ratings, the White Sox...

Rake Blog

Interesting Choice…
Apparently in 2012, the allure of Matthew Broderick is so strong that Honda has chosen him to be the face of their new campaign to sell cars, despite that he KILLED SOMEONE WITH A CAR back in 1987. Somewhere,...

Baseball Analysts

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Putting Together a Reality Team
Fantasy baseball has been a popular pastime for 30 years. Unfortunately, there tends to be too much "fantasy" and not enough dealing with the nitty-gritty reality of what it takes to fill a well-rounded...

Hot Foot

New York Mets news, rumors, and analysis.

mikepiazza: I love how he’s a Mets fan. The jokes are always...
mikepiazza: I love how he’s a Mets fan. The jokes are always hilarous but have that all too familiar undertone of sadness haha.

Got it. Got it. Need it.

Bloggers' Wantlists
CamCarlos LeeHunter PenceMichael BournAstrosTampa Bay RaysMark's EphemeraOrel HershiserEarl WilsonCarl ErskineBill Wade (football)DiamondbacksNight OwlRon CeySandy KoufaxDodgers1971 Topps1972 ToppsBeardyNick...

Cheap Card Collecting

Kudos to the Warriors
Living in the bay area, I've noticed some great trends of teams committing to social networking.Recently the Warriors have really been pushing checking-in on facebook, and deals for being one of the first...

Totally Cecil - The Cecil Fielder Card Of The (Every Other) Day

and topps detroit tigers team sets

As you may have heard, big things have been goin' down in the D. Stay tuned for the return of TC:TCFCOTEOD.

Baseball, The Yankees, And Life...

..."God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good"... .... Genesis 1:31

Think Spring
Hello everybody ! This is my first post in awhile and first post using the new WordPress blogging system. It hit about 60 degrees here in the Beautiful Bronx today which only brought thoughts of spring...

Dem Bums - A Dodgers Blog

Following the Dodgers and Exploring The Team's Past

Dodgers Top Eleven Prospects
Kevin Goldstein released his list of the top eleven Dodgers prospects and it’s an interesting one.  First off, there’s no five star guys and only one four star prospect.  The good news...

More Mets Related Bad News certainly on the way, but it's not as though I've stopped blogging! You can catch what my mom calls my genius in small doses by following me @itsmetsforme on Twitter.Yes, I should have told you loyal...

Major League Jerk

The daily ramblings of men with no professional experience and even less social tact

The Day After
Dr. Stella Handworker:  So Joe…tell me about your relapse. Dr. Stella Handworker:  I understand it can be difficult, especially so soon afterwards, but Joe…I think it’s important...

Billings Mustangs

Mustangs set to Celebrate 60 Seasons
The Billings Mustangs Professional Baseball Club announced today their game schedule for the upcoming Pioneer League season. The 2012 campaign marks the 60th Season that the Mustangs have played and operated in Billings.

All Your Base Cards Belong To Us

Sports Card Radio contest winnings
The guys at Sports Card Radio held a giveaway for a retail box of 10/11 Prestige basketball that I was lucky enough to win. With basketball in full swing, the timing couldn't be better. I thought I'd show...

All Your Base Cards Belong To Us

Sports Card Radio contest winnings
The guys at Sports Card Radio held a giveaway for a retail box of 10/11 Prestige basketball that I was lucky enough to win. With basketball in full swing, the timing couldn't be better. I thought I'd show...

Henchmeister's Junk Blog

The Rematch to End All Rematches
Remember this?And this?And this?THEY'RE BACK!VANCOUVER FAIL. GO BRUINS!

Union: The Most Collaborative Sports Blog On The Internet

The most collaborative sports blog on the internet

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