Texas Rangers Cards

Collecting the Texas Rangers.

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1976 Topps - Leo Cardenas.
Finally got set up with a scanner. Most of my cards are still in storage since I am the only one of my family in Texas. Mrs. Spiff and the kiddos are still waiting for the house to (hopefully) sell before...

On the Road with Pat Neshek

I really have no purpose for this page. I figured hey, why not start a webpage about my life in baseball and talk about everything that goes on in it, especially autographs. I really have no clue what it will amount to but I know it will be good. I guess what I want is to interact with the fans and make them learn and laugh. Have fun and let me know what you think!

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Twin Cities Sports Collectors Club

TCSCC is a group of collectors and dealers based in the Twin Cities metro area. The club was founded in 1976 and its members are sports fans and hobbyists who enjoy sharing this interest with others. TCSCC is a non-profit organization and all officers are volunteers.

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Seth Speaks

Another very popular blogger who has the best Minor League coverage you can find!

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Rickey Henderson Collectibles

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Rickey Will Sign Bras and Shell Casings, But Not Bases
Here's a great video from the recent TriStar National Sports Collectors Convention.  ESPN reporter Michele Steele asks Rickey about his dealing with the memorabilia industry over the years, which leads...

Sports Collectors Daily

Sports collecting news and information, gathered from sources across North America. Professionally written and updated with fresh, lively content each weekday

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Vintage Babe Ruth Cards That Won’t Break Your Budget
On Tuesday, Robert Edward Auctions announced it had sold a 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth card for $575,000 to a private collector.  Ruth cards have steadily increased in value over time with some...

Twinkie Town

An Unofficial Minnesota Twins Blog

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Area Old-Timey Preacher: Jose Berrios Is a Witch
"Know him by his dark works." Despite losing his first major league start, Jose Berrios' velocity and movement gave many Twins fans hope that he could be the long-term #1 or #2 starter the team desperately...

Stale Gum

Baseball cards, and other stuff. (est. 1998)

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First Impressions: 2013 Topps Series One Baseball
In what has become an annual late-summer rite of passage, this past weekend Topps unveiled the design and structure of next year’s Flagship baseball set.  Not unlike back-in-the-day when the...

A Giant Blog

This blog is a chronicle of my attempt to collect as many Giants team sets as possible. A few historical entries will also be made. One team set per week will be featured.

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Matt Cain pitches a perfect game!
All I can say is WOW! This makes the mlbtv package well worth the price! Mr. Cain was dominant in this game.This is the first perfect game in NY/SF Giants franchise history.Here is a perfect game-saving...

Minnesota Twins Bobbleheads

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Sports Card Info

Providing collectors with up-to-date news and fake sports card information

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Card of the Day: Lynn Swann 1976 Topps #140
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The Fleer Sticker Project

Welcome to The Fleer Sticker Project. Since there is so little published information regarding the various team logo sticker sets produced by Fleer over the last 40+ years, I thought I'd post the information I've come across through my years of collecting.

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1980 Topps Gary Carter Uncropped
The Topps Vault just auctioned off the negative that was used to create Gary Carter's 1980 Topps card, and we get to see a great deal more of the play in the uncropped shot:We can see that Topps cropped...

The Golden Age of Baseball Cards

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1952 Billy Martin Topps #175
Billy Martin was the fiery second baseman of the Yankees who lit up the field when World Series time came around.

Cardboard Junkie

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Google Fail
 I'm giving Google until next week to sort this out.In the meantime I'm investigating WordPress, Tumblr, TypePad and LiveJournal.Also Hotmail.See also.

The Bench

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Droidtrader's Sports Memorabilia

Updates on my Sports Memorabilia collecting hobby, including through the mail autograph successes and in person autograph signings. Feel free to email me with questions: [email protected]

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Qualters and Scheib
I received a couple more ttm returns the last few days.On Friday, I received a 1955 and 1959 Topps signed by Tom Qualters.On Saturday I recevied a 1953 Topps signed by Carl Scheib.  I had enclosed...

Baseball Happenings

Giving you an inside look at baseball's past, present and future, Baseball Happenings features interviews and articles with and about the greats of the game as well news about the stars of today.

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Dwight Gooden's first career home run
Dwight 'Doc' Gooden's amazing talent as a pitcher with the New York Mets have been well heralded throughout the years; however, Gooden took tremendous pride in his prowess at the plate. He belted eight...

Baseball Cardman

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I bought more !967 Topps
I bought 25 card lot of 1967 Topps baseball cards.  This lot includes 96, 104, 114, 115, 119, 127, 129, 130, 132, 133, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 141, 142, 144, 145, 146 Steve Carlton (HOF), 147, 148,...

Dinged Corners

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Baseball Cards We'd Like to See: Gnats Amuck
  Is it ever advisable to spray deadly poison at your pitcher's head? The website finds the following event significant enough that it is the item listed under...


The largest selection of Baseball team sets on the Internet. Team checklist of most sets available on site.

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Autograph Addidct

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John Morlan
It’s been a while since I’ve had any free time to post. We still scan and post our recent autograph successes on a daily basis, but with a new baby at home, it’s just hard to find time...

Alex Hipolito's Baseball Card Collecting & Through the Mail TTM Autographs

Welcome to the Sports Celebrity TTM and In Person autograph site of the father and son team of Frank and Alex Hipolito! While trying to determine a way of tracking our ttm autograph success stories, we ended up designing this site as a resource for collecting autographs through the mail for collectors making requests to both active players during Spring Training 2007 in Florida or Arizona, or their respective teams during the regular season, or sending requests to retired players addresses, as well as providing a heads up on upcoming sports autograph signings in the New York City Area.

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The #5 Baseball Card Type Collection

"Type" collectors seek out 1 card from every existing set, past, present, and future. My personal collection ups the challenge by focusing exclusively on cards numbered 5 and this blog profiles each one.

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How Far Do You Have To Go
Back from a European vacation and "The Continent" is exactly like you've heard.Saturated with American stuff.Here's a short list of non-soccer teams I saw on hats, jerseys, coats, t-shirts, and various...

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It’s with a bit of sadness that we announce we’re taking a break here at OMGreds. No, no, not an April Fools prank this time around, we’re being quite honest. With all the excitement...

Cincy Reds Cards

Where a Cincinnati Reds baseball Card Collector can be a Kid!

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2009 Gummie Awards
If you have not head on over and vote on what you think are the best and worst of the year.I just have one bone to pick with the votes so far that I see. The voting for the Jefferson Burdick Award for...

Matt Williams Master Collector

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Mark's Signing Bonus

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Coffeyville Whirlwind

Baseball History, Stats, and the Twins

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A History of Non-Pitchers Pitching for the Twins
9/10/1961: Julio Becquer came into the game in the bottom of the 7th inning with the Twins trailing 8-1 at the Kansas City Athletics. He promptly allowed four consecutive two-out hits, two singles and...

The Great 1965 Topps Project

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#581 NL Rookie Stars: Tony Perez, Kevin Collins, and Dave Ricketts
As you can see from the status of my set counter on the left side of the blog, I have completed this set, in a bit under five years! That means I've got some catching up to do. As has been the case on...

Mike's Autograph Website

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Astros Baseball Cards

A blog to show off my signed Astros cards and to help with my team sets project

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Kevin Bass
Kevin Bass was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2nd round of the 1977 amateur draft on June 7, 1977. By September 3, 1982 the Milwaukee Brewers sent players to be named later, Kevin Bass, Frank...

Twins Trivia

TWINS TRIVIA is a fun and informative site that will help you to better understand the Minnesota Twins and their history dating back to their move to Minnesota from Washington in 1961.

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White Sox Cards

This site is about the Chicago White Sox, baseball cards and stories that touch on those two topics. Every card has the possibility to evoke a memory. Every player has a story. Every fan has memories.

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Catching Up This Week
I apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend. Those of you who are personal or Facebook friends already know that there was a death in the family that took priority over the blog. Things should...

Project Baseball 1976

A blog of baseball cards of 1976. I'm attempting to collect all of the major issue cards from that year. Right now I'm doing a card-by-card chronicle of the 1976 Topps set

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On to 1977
As you have probably noticed, I've run out of cards to post for 1976. As I obtain the last few cards needed for the 1976 Kellogg's, Hostess, and SSPC sets, I'll post them here.To the best of my knowledge,...

Squeezeplay Cards

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The Cardboard Connection

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2013 Topps Archives Baseball Fan Favorites Autographs Guide
The 2013 Topps Archives Baseball Fan Favorites Autographs checklist has a decidedly 1980s and 1990s feel. Get a full checklist, images, set details, team info and more.

Ron Kaplan's Baseball Bookshelf

In my "day job," I'm the features and sports editor for a weekly New Jersey newspaper. I'm also the editor of the Bibliography Committee Newsletter for the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

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Happy President’s Weekend!
Sorry, but no cards for George Washington, top, who played for the Chicago White Sox from 1935-36, or Ezra Lincoln, below, who split his one big league season in 1890 between the Cleveland Spiders and...

Boston Soul

On all things Boston. Especially our Red Sox.

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Truck Day
You know that spring is just around the corner when Truck Day has come and gone.  Truck Day was yesterday, so that must mean we don’t have much longer to go.  It’s been a long, cold...

30-Year Old Cardboard

Talking Baseball and Baseball Cards while focusing on the 70's and 80's

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’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – The Curtain Call
’30-Year Old Cardboard’ – The Curtain Call Tonight, I say good-bye.  My blogging days are done and my ride of 12,268 articles written will come to an end.  I have not skipped...

1972 Topps Baseball

A review of one of my favorite baseball card sets and a year of change, not only in baseball, but in America.

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#135 -- Vada Pinson
Vada Pinson About 25 years ago there was an older fellow that had a ball card shop in Springfield, Missouri (near where I live) had a piece in the paper about something he'd done in his store called the...

Aaron Gleeman

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Gleeman and The Geek #210: Back To The Future
Topics for this week's "Gleeman and The Geek" episode included Phil Hughes getting hurt, Jose Berrios not being called up, Tyler Duffey's bounceback, being delayed by golf, sending your kids off to college,...

The Great Orioles Autograph Project

My goal is to eventually have a signed Orioles baseball card of every modern era player to have played in a game for my favorite team. When they do not have a card in an O's uniform or any card at all, I will try to get any autograph available. The project is huge and might be impossible to complete, but hey, it sounds like fun to me!

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Orioles Autographs Shown Through Topps Cards From 1954-2012
In a project that spiraled into something much larger than it was initially supposed to be, I present to you one autographed Topps card from every season of the Orioles' existence, except for 1996, '98...

Crackin Wax

and bustin packs

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CW iz nau ahn teh FACEBOOKS
Ya know, I figured I’ve already got accounts set up for Crackin’ Wax on Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Blogger, YouTube, UStream and Klout… what’s one more, right? Go play with me...

Baseball Analysts

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Putting Together a Reality Team
Fantasy baseball has been a popular pastime for 30 years. Unfortunately, there tends to be too much "fantasy" and not enough dealing with the nitty-gritty reality of what it takes to fill a well-rounded...

Hot Prospects

In Depth Analysis of Minor League Baseball Prospects, Draft Picks, and Rookies Specially Formulated for Baseball Card & Memorabilia Collectors, Fantasy Baseball Managers, and MLB Fans.

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Dmitri Young Returns to Baseball and Jason Koonce of ISA
Dmitri Young announces his intention to return to MLB and President of ISA Grading joins host Rob Bertrand and Doug Cataldo to discuss a very special grading promotion the company is running through the...

88 Topps Cards

We're celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of the great classic baseball card sets, 1988 Topps. We're going through all 792 cards one by one, posting bits about what makes the card awesome and cool stats about the player or team featured on the card. We're also posting the 1988 Topps Traded set!

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Traded sets
My current card blog is Traded Sets.Click on "older posts" or the archive on the right to see posts from this blog.


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